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Conquian Card Game Online. The objective is to be the first to go out by melding 11 cards. In this group of games, which are possibly ancestral to all western rummy games, the objective, as in western rummy, is to complete a hand consisting entirely of valid combinations.

Conquian for Android APK Download from

Conquian vamos is designed by many conquian enthusiasts, definitely brings you unique experience. Conquian is a rummy style card game meant for 2 players. *different modes for you to choose*.

In This Group Of Games, Which Are Possibly Ancestral To All Western Rummy Games, The Objective, As In Western Rummy, Is To Complete A Hand Consisting Entirely Of Valid Combinations.

Ad the funny browser game based on the cult comic. The objective of conquian is to be the first to meld 11 cards. Log into game center to save your wins, losses, and draws.

Kings Are High And Aces Low.

Give that score to the opposing player. Conquian mp is an android card app developed by queix games and published on the google play store. Conquian vamos is designed by many conquian enthusiasts, definitely brings you unique experience.

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Hazte Con Todos Los Logros De Este Juego Antes Que Tus Amigos.

It is totally free to play and you can enjoy on mobile anywhere and anytime. This means that the game requires only 40 cards instead of the standard 52. Conquian is the oldest known game of the rummy family which is still commonly played.

*Different Modes For You To Choose*.

Have fun with your friends and enjoy exciting moments now, get rewards every day and relief your stress easily. The main difference is the conquian's. Conquian rules and gameplay instructions.

Whether You’re At Home, On The Go, You Can Enjoy On Mobile Anytime And Challenge Against Players Around The World.

‎the classic game at your fingertips! At the end of the game, unmelded cards leftover get totaled up. The game ends when a player has melded exactly 11 cards.

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